The horses below are those in rehabilitation or training. They will not be offered for adoption until we feel they are ready; however, you may apply now if you'd like to be first in line (click on How to Adopt, above, for more information).

Daphne is an eleven year old Thoroughbred mare who had never been handled at all!  She is a long term project here but will eventually be available to the right home (i.e. someone who has finished the training on other unhandled horses).  Her JC name is Gracie's Echo.  


Pie is an approximately 7 year old mare, breed unknown, who came to us in February 2021 with some injuries from a stable accident.  Marla did a great job rehabbing her and we gave her a mental rest before sending her to training with Danica in April 2021. We don't know if she's ever been ridden but right now Danica is just going back to square one to work on conquering her fear issues.  We're also using massage with Jodi to help her calm her worries about humans and what they may do to her!

Picture coming soon (when it ever stops raining!) - Kumba is a twenty-something Argentine Thoroughbred mare who joined us in December 2021.  We look forward to evaluating her to determine what she might like to do for a living!