Shirley Castle "Charlotte" is a 14 year old Thoroughbred mare who was left in a field unhandled for most of her life!  She was started under saddle this summer after many months of ground work and is ready for a new life with an adopter who is an experienced horse trainer.  Charlotte isn't generally high energy but she can still get excited at times and has both reared and bucked when she's wound up.  She should vet check clean, and does better in front shoes due to years of hoof neglect (feet look great now, but she's just happier with fronts on and more forward).  Currently in training and getting trail experience.  Adoption fee $1000.

We thought Scrat might be one of our retirees, but she has blossomed in dressage training with Monica Whitmer, and is looking like she will make a lovely low level dressage and trail companion for a smaller person (she's a large pony, so she needs a size-appropriate rider!).  Scrat does have Cushing's and is on a small amount of medication which she is happy to eat in a cookie.  She is 22 and otherwise very healthy.  Adoption fee $700.